My TEDx Talks: Don’t Give Up

Hello everyone.

Most of you might not know me yet. But one day you all will not only know who I am but also you will be inspired by my work and me as a person. I can say this for sure as I have been inspired by the past of me. I surely have not achieved anything known or great yet to become an inspiration but that’s not very far because I never stopped working for my dreams.

I know it sounds a little theoretical and good to hear but not practical word ‘never’ but it is purely practical and true in my case. I have faced a lot of difficulties in my life like the most of you, but one thing that I did was never give up which makes me different from others and because of which I am standing here in front of you to talk about inspirations, hard work and success.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. I am sure most of you have heard this life like a million times and some of you would have thought of implementing it too. And some of you have thought let it be, it is easy to say and it does not matter because they cannot understand what we are going through. And let me tell you that you are right about that. Let’s say your shoe size is 10 and your daughter’s shoe size is 6. If she tries to walk wearing your shoes she will fall and your legs won’t even fit in her shoes. It is a very simple example but is a really important life lesson. You have got a problem in your life in which only you can fit and only you have the power to come out of that.

I have been a very hard working person all my life and still, I am. I have scored good grades all my life and by good grades, I mean I have been a rank holder. I belong to a middle-class family and have 2 more siblings and only one person as an earning member in our family. Despite financial stress, my father sent me to Mumbai for graduation. All I had to do was to clear all the exams in those three years. But due to low attendance, I have to repeat my last semester. I was not able to accept the fact that this could happen to me.

I did not give up on my dreams, I know it was a big set back for me especially mentally. But I have to go through it and believe in myself which was the most difficult part. My parents were highly disappointed in me but I had to earn their trust back and most importantly I have to earn my self-confidence back. I started working in a fintech startup and won employee of the week in the very first week. That helped me to get back on the train whose destination was my dream. I started writing and reading. I helped my father too in his business and learnt a lot of new courses and skills during this lockdown.

One thing I think that helped me was my attitude. If I had given up earlier, I would never be able to enjoy the journey of my dreams. One quote which helped me to continue working hard was “Your Attitude defines your Life.” I know sometimes you feel tired of all this and just want to get rid of every bad thing. That’s okay to feel like this but always remember that nothing appears or disappears on its own, you have to work for it.

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” -Nelson Mandela

Thank you for listening(reading). Stay Home, Stay Safe.